Class Attire

Nutmeg's required Class Attire:


Below is a list of what each dancer should have for class attire.  It is expected that dancers be prepared in the proper attire, consistently, every week.  We understand that the first few weeks of the fall are very busy, so we understand if your dancer may not have everything they need for the first class; but we do ask that your dancer come in the proper attire as soon as they can.

Some good places to find these things are:
Large selection, very reasonable.  You can often find a discount code online.
Good sized selection, priced well.

**Important Note** 
For all classes that require female dancers to wear a leotard, if additional support is desired, please wear dance appropriate undergarments, such as a bodytight, a tan dance bra, or a skin colored leotard.  Dancers are expected to enter the dancers are expected to enter the dance studio in their dance clothes, ready to dance.

"They call it dancing.  We call it living."

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