Class Descriptions




Consists of barre work, center work, and progressions across the floor; as well as the development of a performance piece for our Spring show. Ballet is the foundation of many dance genres, including Jazz, Modern dance, and Contemporary, and a wonderful accompaniment to all dance forms.




Pointe class consists of instructing dancers on how to tie and care for pointe shoes, pointe warm up techniques, across the floor progressions, and variations. Pointe work is beautiful, but physically demanding, and requires proper alignment and a solid foundation in Ballet. Dancers must take 2 Ballet classes per week (not including Pointe), at Nutmeg’s, to participate in Pointe.



Hip Hop:

Fun, high energy, and set to the best music of today. This genre teaches stylistic detail, syncopated rhythms, and intricate isolated movements. Classes will consist of warm-up, progressions across the floor, and choreography work for our end of the year show.



Broadway Jazz:

The style that inspired so many dance styles to follow; Jazz offers a stylistic approach to movement that is theatrical, technical, versatile, and fun! Classes will consist of warm-up, progressions across the floor, and choreography work for our end of the year show.



Beginning Dance/Totally 2’s:

We invite our little ones to experiment with creative movement, as well as introductory ballet, jazz, and hip hop elements. These 30 or 45 minute classes will involve the use of fun music and various props to help engage the students’ imagination while promoting a foundation in dance. Students will also work on a performance piece for the Spring show!



Musical Theatre:

A unique class that combines the genres of acting, singing, and dance, into one fun, high energy class. Students will play theatre games, learn songs, and learn to communicate stories through acting, vocals, and movement. Students will also work on a performance piece for the Spring show!




Promotes the development of rhythmics and dynamics, flexibility and strength of the ankles, coordination, and speed. Classes consist of warm- up, center work, progressions across the floor, and a routine for the Spring production.




Students will learn a fusion of several Modern techniques; including Martha Graham, Lester Horton (Alvin Ailey), and Jose Limon. Class will consist of a warm-up, across the floor progressions, and learning choreography for a piece for the Spring show. Dancers must take at least 1 ballet class per week to participate in Modern and Contemporary classes.




This class gives dancers the opportunity to perform in a piece that is challenging and fun! Dancers will get to experience working closely with a partner; forming a dance relationship based on trust and communication. Fellas - no experience needed!



Hip Hop Heels:

This hip hop class focuses on improving confidence, building strength, finding your inner sass, and having lots of fun! Dancing in heels is challenging; but a great way to work on alignment, groundedness, balance, and form. So many professional and recreational performance opportunities for dancers require wearing heels, so we want provide our dancers with a solid foundation in this style. In addition, it’s just really FUN! So, grab your heels and come join us!




This class is centered on fundamental acrobatic technique to increase flexibility, strength, balance, coordination, endurance, timing, body awareness, self discipline, and confidence. Classes focus on proper hand placement and body alignment, with emphasis on the muscles and flexibility required to perform acrobatics with proper technique.



Ballet/Hip Hop Combo:

This class is a great opportunity for our young dancers to learn 2 fantastic styles of dance. Ballet is the foundation of almost all dance styles; and teaches grace, strength, and form. Hip Hop is high energy, rhythmic, and FUN! Dancers should have pink ballet shoes for this class; jazz shoes are not necessary.




Inspired by the high energy music from Indian films, our Bollywood class combines traditional Indian folk and classical dance with elements of hip hop, jazz, Latin and Belly dance. You will learn technique

and choreography that incorporate rhythmic, full body movement. This new, exciting class is not to be missed!



Adult Ballet/Modern Combo:

Combining elements of Ballet, Modern, and Contemporary dance; this class will begin with a traditional ballet warm up at the barre, and will continue with a Modern/Contemporary warm up and across the floor progressions. Dancers will also work on choreography to build a piece over the course of the year. Performing in the Spring show is totally optional!



African Dance:

Let the beat of the drums move your body! Explore the dance styles of Africa and the Caribbean in this high energy class. Expect a musical blend of African, tropical, Jamaican, traditional African rhythms and hip-hop. Be prepared for kicks, jumps, spins and high energy torso and arm movements. A perfect opportunity to let go and just dance!



Advanced Repertory:

In this class, we will choose a dance from Nutmeg's history - could be any genre!  We will work on recreating the piece to be performed in this year's show!



Dance Team/ Cheer:

 The class will feature technique needed for dance team (NFL, NBA, MLL) genre including jumps, leaps and turns; as well as different combination styles ranging from street jazz to pom to hip hop.  We will perform one of our best "half time shows" during this year's show.  

"Life isn't about waiting for the storm to pass.  It's about learning to dance in the rain."

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