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  •  A note on 2018/2019 Dance


The time is here - the Fall schedule is out, and registration opens today! And, BIG NEWS, we are now offering online registration and accepting credit cards online! I will attach all forms to this email, so, if you prefer to send in your payment with cash or check the old fashioned way; you are still welcome to do so! I've attached instructions for online registration to this email. It's pretty easy to figure out, but I hope the instructions will take out all the guess work for you! Just a few notes on registration...
~ Please remember, we do not offer refunds once you have registered. I am so sorry for any inconvenience, but there are no exceptions to this policy. So, please, only register once you know for certain what classes you or your dancers would like to take. Thank you! 
~ If you register online, and choose to pay quarterly or semesterly, you will automatically be enrolled in auto-pay. Meaning your credit card will be charged, or your e-check deposited, on the tuition due dates (11/12, 1/12, 3/12) The online system will say you are being charged an additional fee for auto-pay, this is NOT the case. Our online registration program, Classbug, just had to find a way to charge the appropriate amount since they did not have a system in place to account for our full year and half year discounts. Again, you are NOT being charged an additional fee if you use the online system for quarterly or semesterly payments! :)
~ If you prefer to send your registration in with cash or check, you're welcome to drop it off at the studio between 10 am - 3 pm all this week, or, mail to: Nutmeg's Dance & Theatre Co., 208 College Highway, Suite 1, Southwick, MA 01077.
~ If you have questions about what classes your dancer should register for, please contact me: 
~ The link for online registration is:
~ As you know, we hate turning away our regulars. Not just because we love a big, energetic class, but because we want our dancers to be able to take the classes they love, and we know how much they love to be with their friends! That being said, we are going to be really careful about class size this year, so that we are able to offer everyone a great class experience. So, if your dancer has their heart set on any classes, please be sure to sign up asap to avoid disappointment! 
~ For dancers that would like to help with a class; we so appreciate your desire to help the little ones! Please let us know if you'd like to help, and we will make a list and do our best to give everyone a chance. Please note - most helpers will NOT be performing in the show. We have been working hard to lessen the length of the show and crazy costume changes, and this has been a great help. Plus, we want our little ones to be seen! So, if you would like to help, please be sure that you are ok with the fact that there is a good chance you will not be dancing with your peanuts in the show, (we know you are in spirit!) Thank you for your understanding! 
~ If your dancer is involved in a Fall sport, we are not able to save them a space for delayed registration. The only way to ensure a space in the class, is to sign up from the beginning of the year. If you'd like to wait until the 2nd Quarter to join, that is totally ok, we just can't guarantee which classes will still have space. Thank you for understanding!
~ You asked; we listened! Sunflower Yoga will now be offering Kids Yoga for ages 7+! 
If your dancer (or dancers, and/or you!) are thinking about dancing a lot this year, be sure to check out our Family Plan, as it is a huge savings for families and single dancers looking to take several classes. Just a reminder to please read the family plan contract thoroughly, as there are a few changes, and, a $50 fee for any classes dropped after registration; we don't want you to have any surprises! This plan is extremely discounted, and to make it viable, we have to have certain guidelines in place. Also, please remember that each class will require a costume, and that if your dancer is in a great deal of classes, they will have some very quick costume changes, and possibly unavoidable back to back's come showtime...we just want everyone to be aware, and plan for a fantastic year that will not cause you or your dancer loads of stress! Thanks so much!
~ Show DVD! I haven't received the DVD's yet....but I hear we are very close! As soon as they are ready, I will email everyone.
I think that's about it (and if I forgot something, just let me know!) Happy Dancin' everyone! If I don't get to see you before classes begin; have a fantastic August!

"Dancing with the feet is one thing.  Dancing with the h.e.a.r.t is another"

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